Wy'east Trans Day of Remembrance: Loving better

November 20th marks the 21st annual Trans Day of Remembrance. Over 30 trans people were killed this year, and countless more continue to be endangered by white supremacy, sexism, and the criminal justice system. As humans, and especially as UUs, we must ask how we can love better, and show up for the living in ways we haven't before.

In this service, we'll be hearing from a few people in Portland's trans community whose voices I respect so darn much. They'll be sharing what it means to celebrate and fight for trans folks; what community care looks like to them; and what's been nourishing, joyful, or exhausting. I'll be sharing some local organizations we can support and, if there's time, what I've learned this year about loving better too.

Led by Wy'East Member Jack Kostylo


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Sunday, November 22, 2020