Restoring Balance Through a Re-turn to Native Values

It isn't hard to look around and note that the world feels off kilter -- climate change, roaring fires, and social uprisings demanding change.  Dr. Deana Dartt brings her work in decolonization and life experience to Wy'east to invite us to consider returning to native values as a means for restoring balance in the world.


Dr. Deana Dartt is a member of the Coastal Band of the Chumash Nation and the founding director of Live Oak Native Consulting.  She has held curatorial positions at the Burke Museum of Natural and Cultural History and the Portland Art Museum as well as teaching appointments at the University of Oregon, University of Washington and the Northwest Indian College. Her scholarly and professional work strives to address the incongruities between public understanding, representation and true acknowledgement of Native peoples, their cultures, histories and contemporary lives. This is first in our series of Social Justice Speakers for this church year focused on Indigenous Peoples.  

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Sunday, September 27, 2020