October 2, 2018

Wy’east UU Board Minutes

Tuesday, October 2, 2018



Meeting called to order at

Present: Daniale, Mathias, Paul, Craig, Marcy, and Hadrian

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved minutes from last month.

Minister’s Report:

  • Has been preparing for sermons and delivering pastoral care to Wy’east members
  • Guest speaker at Hood River and Hillsboro, along with NICOR meetings the last few Sundays
  • Martial Arts and Spanish language study continues
  • Oct 21st Committee on Ministry will meet for the RBP and CRR
  • Saturday conversations before the sermon are small, but lively
  • Hmong Translation for the UU principles is in the works
  • Supported Lana in RE recruitment of new RE Teachers

Treasurer’s Report


  • September was a very good month for us, budget-wise. Our income, at 9560, was over 3500 more than what was predicted, while our expenses, at 6185, were about 1700 lower. This left us with a surplus for the month of about 3400 where we had predicted a deficit of about 2000. Mathias will check with Hank/Eme to see the extent to which this might be related to folks giving their whole yearly pledge as a lump sum earlier than anticipated.
  • Following through with committees with letting them know  funds available
  • All board members are able to sign checks now.

Worship Committee Report

  • Music has joined the worship committee
  • Getting more people to join
  • We need to find more volunteers to organize  the communications that one Wy’East member is solely responsible for.
  • Making sure we have back up recorders available if people who have the recorders are absent on Sunday because it will not get recorded otherwise

Close Up Procedure/Follow-up

  • A closing checklist is in the process
  • Communication process is needed when the center is used after service on Sunday to close up

Committee Check-Ins

  • We need a more long term communication volunteer to help step in with some of the emails/newsletter/paper inserts
  • Suggested to put a google doc of committee chairs on the website
  • Nominating committee: keeping an eye out for possible future board members
  • Possibly will be seeking a new RE Chair
  • Hadrian will contact committees that are not represented through board members currently to collect minutes if they have them
  • Figure out what the duties of RE chair are vs. RE coordinator
  • Possibly recruit people who may be interested in helping with communication.

Social Justice Committee

  • Discussed having special collection speaker and the person from the congregation who is connected to the organization to speak on the special collection days to give more information
  • Social Justice Committee voted and would like to become a formal committee at Wy’East
    • We need a short summary describing the committee to put in the bylaws (possibly the vision/mission statement?)
    • Then we need a special meeting to vote on the committee with the congregation (possibly the annual meeting?)
    • Hadrian will contact Hank to change the listing in our directory so it is listed as “standing committee-pending”...voted and approved

Other Items?

  • None at this time

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  11/6, 7pm

  • Meeting adjourned



Respectfully Submitted by Marcy S



Tuesday, October 2, 2018