November 6, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, November 6, 2018



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Daniale, Craig, Mathias, Paul, Lana, and Marcy

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Meeting minutes approved for last month

Minister’s Report

  • RCPC has a new updated entry that Craig has the info for
  • Portable homeless shower and other activities at RCPC might affect any meetings when closing
  • Utility closet around the corner to clean up any messes at RCPC
  • Committee of Ministry had a meeting on the Behavior Policy to make some changes
  • Path to membership class is coming up soon, and we may welcome some new members.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Even though our income (4083) was about 2000 below our budgeted income of 5959. Expenses were slightly lower than budgeted, at 6143 rather than 6490. The result was a deficit of 2060 for the month, compared to the budgeted deficit of 530 for October.
  • However, for the year, we're still well ahead of our budget, with a net decrease of 319 where we had budgeted a decreased of about 3000 for this point in the year. So, pledges seem to be balancing out month to month, so far.
  • Yearly audit will be coming up soon
  • Membership dues are based on operating expenses now versus number of people in congregation, which may save money

Worship Committee Report

  • Budget is on track
  • Nothing significant to report

Sustained Partnership with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

  • Working on creating a sustained partnership with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
    • In the process of how it will work with the two groups
    • Positive feelings with both groups
    • A special collection will be held at some point

Strategic Planning Committee Report

  • Strategic Planning Report was presented and well received
  • There were many great ideas in the report and the board appreciates the time and commitment that went into creating this document.
  • It was talked about whether or not there is a possibility to set aside funds for certain aspects in the plan for the future, including possibly adding a paid position for a communication manager.
  • There was some concern whether or not the RE space at Wee Works is serving all of the children well.
    • Marcy will relay this concern to the Strategic Planning Committee and report back next time
  • Ideas of providing a “pop-up” kind of tent at HSC to separate the older children from the little ones, and provide more focused instruction was discussed
  • How we present this document to the congregation or use this document is still a question that needs further discussion ( i.e. annual meeting or special meeting?) Asking Sarah Schurr, of the regional UUA, may give us an idea of how we could present this to the congregation
  • Biannual Review...question of whether it would be the same team or rotate team, and how often to meet was asked.

Confirm Next Meeting Date:12/4, 7pm

Meeting moved and approved to adjourn


Respectfully Submitted by Marcy S


Tuesday, November 6, 2018