May 7, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, May 7 , 2019



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Daniale, Craig, Paul, Marcy, and Mathias

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved 

Minister’s Report:


  • Requesting one of the seats on the UU Principles Board
    • National organization going through transitions with leadership
    • He doesn’t think it will be out of town work though.

Worship Committee Report


  • Getting a few more worship associates
  • Not a booked calendar for worship services for the year yet
    • Craig suggests that GA reports what they learned/activities of GA
  • Wants to get feedback from the do we do this? Especially when people come and go…
    • Daniale says she is hearing that members would like more conversation after worship with the whole group.

Social Justice Committee

  • Theme:  A year of democracy:  voting rights and activism, request for Board Approval
    • Theme moved and approved by the board
  • They supported every congregant who recommended an organization to support each month, which was a good thing.

Treasurer’s Report:

-Update on Church Software?

-Canvass/Budget Meeting Updates/Reflections/Decisions

       *Total stands at $66,125.55, which means a deficit of $13,874.45 

-Amazon Smile? 

  • This month slightly ahead...for income vs. expenses
  • We are currently flat for the year, and expected to draw $1000 from savings by the end of the year.
  • Just under $58,000 bank balance now.
  • Church Software:  
    • There was a complaint on how the communication of the new software was made
    • Better communication will happen for next time
    • 6 mos. of Ministry Tracker is in the works, and Mathias will help the transition
  • Canvas:  Deficit of $10,000 when including donations
    • Paul:  Not sure why we increase the balance of savings each year, when it says we have a deficit, or why we ask people for more money when we have a savings account.
    • Maybe we should we have a position to deal with communications, volunteer coordinator, etc., to make church more joyful?
    • Mathias will check on the UUA website for the recommended savings account balance for our size congregation.
    • Mathias is reading a book called Finance Management in the Church...talks about budget being more visionary vs. line by line itemization, would this help our congregation?
    • Donate button would be great!

Non-Pledging Members

  • Friends of Wy’east, who do not pledge, it may be a good idea to send them a note and see if they would want to donate for the year...maybe send out a few notes and see what happens
  • Does the Annual Report go to only members?  It may be a good idea to email it to non-pledging members.
  • Marcy will send out a kind email to those who are members and have not pledged...will send out a draft to the board, and also an email to members who haven’t been around in a while.

Annual Meeting (5/19/19)

 -(Annual Report, Social Justice Committee theme, final budget decisions (congregational vote to approve), vote on new board members) 

  • Counting ballots and note-taking is hard
    • Just count the nays
    • Ballots were hard to count, Mathias will help count votes
    • Is Diane required to be voted on to fill Hadrian’s term for the year?--We think not.  Mathias and Daniale do not need to be re-elected
    • There will be one more person to fill for Treasurer.
    • Email out the theme for social justice, the annual report, the meeting minutes for last year’s annual meeting, special meeting minutes, Budget proposal….you need links not attachments…..Marcy will send it to Linda the week before the Annual Meeting.
    • This is not a general meeting, more specific...we should clarify this in the beginning.
    • Nominating committee will print out ballots
    • 5+ copies of the Annual Report...printed by Marcy
    • Daniale will make a slideshow

Wrapping up the Church Year/Annual Retreat Planning→ shall we devote time to this at next month’s meeting?

  • Will talk about next month...

Honor/Appreciate Eme?

  • Maybe the Worship committee can ponder a process of how to acknowledge people for their volunteer efforts in general, for all?
  • Talk to Hank about the recognition of Eme´, and maybe not singling him out...Paul will do it

Other Items?

  • After Canvas, send Bruce, Matt, and Hank a card for their hard work…
  • Attendance with the Church-Paul has a table on a spreadsheet with’s usually 47 for adults

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  6/4, 7pm

Moved and approved to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted by Marcy S





Tuesday, May 7, 2019