March 9, 2014

 03/09/2014 Board Meeting


● Attending:


○ Board: Robyn, Dan, Diane, Nancy, Barbara


○ Visitor: D’On


○ Minister: Marcia


● The meeting was called to order at 4:08.


● Meeting Minutes for 1/12/14 and notes of email conversation in February in lieu of snow cancelled meeting: Minutes and notes approved as submitted.


● Wy’east Liaison to Mt. Hood Cluster for 2015 GA: Lana has agreed to be our 


representative. There are no objections.


● Chalice Lighting and Check in


● D’On is a potential board member and is here to observe.


● Minister’s Report


○ Today’s Path to Membership class went well.


○ Marcia has been doing some pastoral care and working with RE, especially 


about OWL


○ She met with Joseph S and Judy Z about upcoming services


○ She is in conversation with Rose City Park Presbyterian Church for a joint 


workshop around having difficult conversations, especially with regard to same 


sex marriage


○ The Ministerial Concerns Committee has been meeting


○ Discussions continue around the morphed Connections Committee, now called 


the Engagement Task Force.


○ Marcia is part of the Queer Clergy Brunch Group. They are planning an interfaith 


service on Friday, 6/13.


● Treasurer’s Reports


○ Reports for December 2013, January 2014, and February 2014 were distributed 


by Dan via email before the meeting.


○ Dan will address the following questions and will post updated reports in 


Googledocs when he has received detailed reports from Betty.


○ Questions:


■ Where are the OWL registration fees? (Update: they were not received until March.)


■ How did prepaid pledges get coded, and where is the 2014-15 pledge reserve?


■ Why is there so much money in the special collections reserve?



● Wy’east Canvas volunteers and event


○ The Laura and Karl are not willing to coordinate, but are willing to help.


○ Diane H will write thank you notes.


○ Hank will help, but not coordinate.


○ Kathryn H has agreed to chair the canvass.


○ Debra will do whatever is needed.


○ Marcy S will help with the dessert.


○ Diane I will help with the dessert.


○ Nancy D will host a dinner.


○ Marcia is sending an email to Kathryn.


○ By the end of the meeting Kathryn had responded to the email and confirmed 


that she will chair the canvass this year.


● Village Support Network money: Will Wy’east serve as the clearing house for the VSN 




○ It seems impractical given that we have a volunteer bookkeeper.


○ There are also legal issues with collecting money for disbursement to a specified individual. 


○ We do still want to honor the VSN team’s request for official recognition from Wy’east for their effort.


○ Motion made by Diane I: The Village Support Network team is an officially sanctioned activity of Wy’east as part of our social justice mission. Seconded by Robyn. Passed unanimously.








● Elections: We believe there is only one vacancy on the board for the upcoming year. 


Dan is at the end of his second term and is not eligible for reelection per the bylaws. 


Robyn is willing to be reelected to a second term. 


● Draft Budget


○ Dan presented a draft budget for preliminary discussion.


○ This is a status quo budget taking into account known upcoming changes, i.e. 


○ Dan reduced the fundraising and collections income light items to reflect the reality of this year’s actual income.


○ Minister’s retirement needs to be $3,000.


○ We should ask for more pledge income.


○ We should increase speaker fees to $3,000


○ Ashley’s salary should be based on 8 hours a week for 40 weeks, wage cost of living increase to $17.50. Lana’s salary should go to $13.50


○ PNWD and UUA dues numbers are transposed.


○ Aspirational item: 5 hour a week administrator, $20 per hour, 52 weeks. $5,200.


○ Barbara will speak with Amber about renewing the HSC lease for another year. 


dues increases and loan payoff.


(Update: HSC rent will increase next year, we don’t know by how much.)


● Recently we have had some weeks with overflow attendance. We need to start thinking 


about relocating. Marcia will talk with the Meditation Center on 39th just south of I-84.


● Robyn will send the survey results around.


● Meeting adjourned at 5:52.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara S, secretary

Sunday, March 9, 2014