June 5, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Meeting called to order at 7:00


Present: Bruce, Barbara, Mathias, Craig, Hadrian, Daniale, Marcy, Paul


Meeting Minutes


  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Bruce moves to approve the minutes as written, Barbara and Mathias second, all approve, motion moved.


  • Treasurer’s Report--emailed
    • April’s report is Here
    • You may notice that we did significantly better than expected for the month, coming out with a surplus for April of $859, where the budget predicted a slight deficit of $32. This was accounted for by monthly income of $6134, just slightly below the $6299 budgeted, and monthly expenses of $5275, more than $1000 below that budgeted. Our below-budget expenses may have been accounted for to an especially significant extent by a low number of DRE hours for the month, as well as continuing our trend of lower-than-expected worship expenses. Our combined bank account balances stand at $54692.30, with an increase of $8648.34 for the year.
    • As of this date, we are above our projected budget for this time of the year, which bodes well for our budget deficit for next year.
    • Mathias will consult w/ D’on to prepare the spreadsheets for next year, get Marcy and Hadrian on board to be able to sign checks for the board, and is in the process of making a reimbursement request form to use.
    • New statewide payroll tax is coming, and Mathias will incorporate this into the budget.


  • RCPPC Rent Increase
    • $3 a month for the next year (from $106-$109)


  • Worship Committee Report
    • Only looking for one speaker over the summer, otherwise all spots are covered.
    • Music will be taking the summer off, and will be looking to make a request to attend the UUMN conference.


  • Minister’s Report & Mission/Vision Progress
    • Minister's contract Renewal
    • Minister's Report
    • Going to think of more “single sessions” events because the 7 session opportunity didn’t generate much interest.
    • A member, Chris B, was up on the GA conference website, and signed the membership board in 2011, but has not been very active.  Daniale will contact Chris to check in.
    • Daniale will ask Anders to put the mission statement on the website since it was approved at the annual meeting


  • General Assembly Delegates and Credentials
    • Last year, Barbara and Lana were delegates
    • June 20th-24th
    • It’s not too late to sign up, there are some board discretionary funds ($367) that we could use to help pay the online cost, and Barbara will send out an email letting the congregation know
    • Rough criteria would be a member who is active
      • There is a “preparing for GA” link for delegates to familiarize themselves w/ the agenda.  Additionally, last year, Craig, Barbara, and Lana met to plan and discuss things before it began.
        • Just FYI:  the delegates will need to be online for several hours, and be central time (this year).  
        • The online support is excellent
        • The info for the GA is very helpful to prepare for the voting and agenda


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • The committee is preparing a report to present to the board, after which will be sent out via email, then have a congregational meeting after service sometime after labor day.


  • Election of Board Officers at Next Meeting
    • First order of business next month will be to nominate board members for upcoming board year.  
    • Each member clarified their role on the board
      • Moderator:  running the board meetings, putting forth the agenda, sending reminders, and asking for volunteers, knowing milestones throughout the church year, contact HSC and RCP as needed
      • Secretary:  taking notes during the board meetings and annual meetings, counting ballots, maintaining proxy and absentee ballots, contacting members who are no longer active
      • Treasurer:  Keeping a spreadsheet (Quicken) of income and expenses, writing checks, backing up and logging documents, maintaining the monthly budget reports that are shared w/ the board, preparing the budget for the end of the year, payroll, keeping up on taxes and payroll changes, as well as changes in the bills.  There is a document called “Treasurer’s log” under Board Business on Google Docs
      • Vice Moderator:  in the absence of the moderator, runs meetings including the annual meeting, presents to the congregation at large when needed.
      • Member at Large:  Pitch in where needed
      • Current Board Members are very flexible in their positions, overall. Hadrian M would like to be the At Large board member, Marcy S could probably do Secretary position, Daniale would be able to be Moderator.


  • Potential Future Systems for Electronic Donations
    • Mathias has been in touch w/ Anders about adding a donation button on our website.  They researched several options, Anders suggested Square--it’s fairly simple to use, and straightforward, with a 3% cost to square.  The 3% could be an issue for pledges, which is worth considering.
    • We will start with the button, but will need to continue discussing the “swipe” option as a way to collect pledges.  Mathias will move forward and ask Anders to add the button to the website.
    • Side note:  can we set up an Amazon smile account?  


  • Canvass Committee Report
    • The committee put the report together with some recommendations for next year’s success:
      • Begin putting the committee together earlier, including naming the chairperson earlier
      • We will email Barbara w/ any amendments or questions


  • Renewal of Minister’s contract
    • Craig supports the renewal w/ the new dates
    • There were some questions about the use of Minister’s Funds for the Martial Arts class, and where this falls as far as needing approval by the board.
    • Mathias and Craig will meet to finalize the contract


  • Confirm Next Meeting Date:  7/10, we’ll look at future dates next month


Parking Lot:

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator
  • Directory and Canvassing:   concerns about losing our foundation base.  (Do people stay on as friends of Wy’east after being removed from the membership roster?  Can we include these friends in our canvassing?)--Paul brought this up for consideration 5/1 in discussion of our current pledge deficit  
  • Mt. Hood Cluster:  Barbara feels there is value in maintaining this relationship
  • Training new people for jobs (tech jobs in particular)


Meeting adjourned unanimously at 8:28


Respectfully Submitted by Daniale 


Tuesday, June 5, 2018