June 4, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, June 4 , 2019



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Daniale, Craig, Eme´, Marcy, Paul, Linda M., and Mathias

Meeting Minutes

Presentation from Linda MacPherson:  digital refresh ad-hoc committee request for board approval. 

  • From the strategic planning report, digital communication presence was a big opportunity to pursue.
  • Proposing a committee to focus on a welcoming and warming digital presence including:
    • Logo development from a graphic artist
    • Refresh of website
    • Worship place banners with mission, covenant, etc. represented
    • Include all signage ...a refreshed look, so it is a unified logo that everyone knows about and can include on their media.
    • Move our current web hosting to a UUA Word Press because it may be a more friendly platform...lots of congregations use it...it is supposed to be easy.  The look is more dynamic and more picture heavy vs. text heavy
    • Timing would take a whole year to implement some action online and in worship space
  • Diana S. will also work on this
  • Paul: Is it a professional refresher?
  • Linda:  Not just this, but more investing in a fresh look online and in worship that will transform our presence.
  • Paul: Web hosting...what do you need?
  • Linda: $100, to get an account, and the UUA built the programming.  You can google UUA word press theme and learn about it.
  • Asking for $4,000 possibly, but this is not what we are voting on.
  • Linda:  Thinks it is a considerable amount, but would be well worth it
  • 2nd and moved to discussion for creating the ad hoc committee 
  • We appreciate the several page long goals Linda presented
  • Motion carries to form the ad-hoc committee

Welcome to our new members, and thank you to all!  

  • We’ll need to determine roles on the Board:  Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, Secretary, and At-Large
  • Treasurer position is still up in the air, with one person missing it is hard to determine roles.


Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved 

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation for 2019. Newsletter columns, etc.

2) Phone calls, e-mails. Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study continue (now reading Isabel Allende’s House of

Spirits in the original.

5) Worked with Lana and RE committee on concerns about adults/kids in services.

6) Reviewing UU Minister’s Association guidelines revision—the UUMA has asked all

ministers to do this.

7) I have begun writing Fall sermons, sketching sermons for Winter and Spring 2020.

8) GA preparation meeting with delegates Alana H. and Jocelyn F.

9) GA program and voting agenda study

Worship Committee Report

  • Craig has completed 3 years 
  • Steady attendance
  • Under budget
  • Kate is packing and unpacking the worship stage
    • Thinking of ways to improve the process

Social Justice Committee

  • Since congregational approval, they have held a “dotocracy,” which is placing dots to select the organizations we will support next year.

Treasurer’s Report:

-Ministry Tracker

-What areas do we want to discuss for strategic planning of using some of our savings?

  • Lots of transitions for the software...this Sunday will have a meeting to take a look at it.
    • There’s lots of support online
    • Hank, Helen, and Dion are going to play a part in looking at the software
  • Craig’s contract - Craig is fine with everything in it, but we didn’t vote on it at the Annual Meeting.  However, the congregation did vote on the budget which included Craig’s salary and benefits with no qualms mentioned, so this will suffice.
  • Reserves:  is there a music ministry position available for certain FTE?  Paying a bookkeeper? A different space for RE? 
    • Locking up RCPC is daunting too, and may be a roadblock to doing things
  • Our income for the month, at 6943, was well above the budgeted 5762. And while our expenses, at 6894, were technically about the budgeted expense of 6535, this is only because we're a month early in paying the last quarterly installment of our UUA/PNWD Annual Program Fund dues, meaning we're actually well ahead. 
  • This means that we're ahead by 332 for the month of May when we had budgeted to be down by 772, and for the year we remain ahead, by 2655, where we had budgeted to be down by about 2000 by this point in the year- putting us about 5000 ahead of our budget overall. 
  • There's still one month to go, a month that has us projecting a loss of close to 3000. But even in that very unlikely scenario, we'll still probably break even for the year. 

Wrapping up the Church Year/Board & Committee Planning Meeting

  • Daniale invisions a space to casually and creatively discuss ideas of goals for the year and make time to meet with committee chairs and their goals. 
  • Plan out this meet-up in July for a possible August Retreat

Other Items / Reflections?

  • Question from congregant about bathrooms for transgender and non-binary bathrooms at HSC
    • Suggestion is to cover up the bathroom signs and just put “toilet” and then covering up the urinals to make it more inviting by congregant
    • Craig says we would need to bring this up to the congregation and the HSC
    • Daniale will put this on the board’s agenda, and try to find out some information

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  7/11/19 @ 7pm

Moved to Approve and Adjourned


Respectfully submitted by Marcy S



Tuesday, June 4, 2019