July 11, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Thursday, July 11 , 2019



Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Present: Daniale, Eme´, Diana, Marcy, Lana, and Mathias

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved minutes

Board Positions

Diana S is the new At-Large Member and Eme´ (Mark) A is the new Vice Moderator

  • We agreed to replace Paul H and Hadrian (Raymond) M as check signers with Emé (Mark) A and Diana S

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation for 2019 well underway! Newsletter columns, etc.  

2) Phone calls,  e-mails. Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study.  For those who have HBO, please take a look at the Colombian film, Los Silencios.  Beautiful, complex, humane and humanizing…

5) Attended GA and UUMA annual meeting online.  Both were very troubling experiences, where folks felt that their voices were being talked over or silenced. I’ll say more in person when we meet next.  The UU Ministerial Association is in a very conflicted period and is in danger of dividing into “camps” over certain guidelines proposals and leadership’s treatment of individual members.  I have written a plea to my colleagues to take a break and step back from social media exchanges that I will paste on a page below this report.  

6) We will work these things out as a national movement in time, and will come out stronger. 

Worship Committee Report

  • Scheduled through September, except a few Sundays in August

Social Justice Committee Report

  • League of Women and bus project coming in soon
  • Working on the organizations to come in, and will vote this Sunday

Treasurer’s Report 

  • Overall income for the church year was what was expected, but expenses lower than expected.
  • We've ended the church year ahead by just under $2000, where we had budgeted to withdraw just about 5000 from savings for the year, putting us almost $7000 ahead of our budget. As you'll see in the top graph, that's accounted for almost entirely by expenses below what was budgeted. Our income was almost exactly what we expected, at 74,473 for the year.
  • All together, our bank accounts stand at just about 57,000, with about 4000 of that in reserves.
  • Church Management transition...D’on has helped a lot.  Mathias is entering in the budget lines to the new software.  Everyone would have their own logins eventually.

Endowment Committee

  • The committee is for people who want to donate a part of their will and a committee right now is understanding how to structure that idea.

Goal Setting with Committees:


     -Board Goals/Budget Goals

     -Committee Goals

  • Mathias would like to meet with committees and let them know what money is available in the budget
  • The Digital Refresh Committee will need a line in the budget
  • Meeting with heads of the committees
  • Structure:  Visioning opener, Mathias can talk about the budget piece, and each committee chair will do a 5 minute share out of their goals and what they would like support with from the board…somewhere take a break to mingle at some point and then report back.
  • Have it 1 hour for the committees to report during lunch and then do a board meeting to reflect.
  • It will be a post-service Sunday meeting with food (with each board member to make a dish to share)

Other Items?

  • Ron would like time in September to discuss ordering rainbow chalice tees...
  • Maybe the Annual Report could be more forward thinking by including  a statement about future goals for the upcoming year

Membership Committee

  • Going to try to go with 1 usher, and get someone from the congregation to help with the offering at each service.  

RE Committee

  • There wasn’t an end of the year party, but the kids didn’t seem to mind
  • There are some drop-ins coming
  • Going to try to keep the kids who are transitioning into the teen years into the RE program
  • May need to coordinate with membership committee about storage and how to get RE artifacts out there

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  8/18, 12-2pm

  • This will be the goal setting meeting with committees:(worship, social justice, membership, committee on ministry, R.E. committee, nominating committee, canvas, digital refresh,  etc.) 
  • Each board member will bring to feed 14...Diana will coordinate food
  • Daniale will email all the heads of the committees and set an agenda, and send out an email to us too.
  • No August Board Meeting at RCPP
  • Moved and approved to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted by Marcy S


Thursday, July 11, 2019