July 10, 2018


Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm

Present: Daniale, Mathias, Hadrian, Craig, Paul, and Marcy

Meeting Minutes

Nomination and Election of New Board Positions

Daniale L as Moderator, Paul H as Vice Moderator, Marcy S as Secretary, and Hadrian M as Member-at-Large, motion to approve, seconded, and moved.

This means that Bruce M and Barbara D are stepping off the board, as well as cancelling check-signing privileges for our bank accounts while Marcy S and Hadrian M will gain those privileges

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Motion to approve last month’s minutes, seconded, and moved.

Minister’s Report:



-General assembly (excellent worship services, included Spanish versions, voted on issues, and many Ware lectures are online to listen to)

-Thai translation for the principles were finished with another congregant

-Working on other languages for translation of principles

-Participant in congregation has attended Sunday service and has mentioned guns so we should talk about and decide protocol.

Minister’s Report:

-Minister Professional Development Fund


- Whether the martial arts classes the minister is taking falls under the professional development fund

- If the request for payment form and if it needs to be revised...currently 1 board member and 1 committee chairperson need to sign off on it

- The need for revision of the process for reimbursements.

-Email board communication to include minister

-Whether the language for professional funds should be clarified in the contract

-Suggestion to be more clear in who and what is communicated on issues.

-Referral to UUA expense sheet as a good source to guide us.

-Going to the person first when a question arises

-Making a new line item to fit better in the budget, but maybe it is not needed

-No formal decision made but most were okay with minister having discretion for what works for him if it falls into the budget limit for the professional fund.

Minister’s Report:

-Covenant of Right Relations (CRR)

-Responsible Behavior Policy (RBP)


   -How most congregations have a CRR and post on website.

   -How it helps to guide congregation if there is a difficult situation.

  -Committee on Ministry (COM) will work on this document in the fall with volunteers from the congregation, with the hope to be adopted, and shared with new members

   -However, this document is for members, and excludes non-members

  -For non-members,  a separate document called a RBP will be needed to refer to if there’s a difficult situation at a Wy’East event.

      -This will be a congregational workshop and COM to craft documents

 -Since safety issue, board can adopt the policy without a congregational approval, but it should be communicated with all.

-Assignment given to board member to find an example of CRR and RBP policies online.

Treasurer’s Report and reimbursement form

We are at a surplus of 451 for the month as compared to a predicted deficit of 2069. As for the year, we are at a surplus of 9105 as compared to projected deficit of 2696, putting us at 11801 ahead of our budget for the year. While our projected income for the year is very close to what was budgeted, our expenses in several areas were significantly lower, including:

  • Worship (spent 2889 out of projected 4600)
  • LRE (spent 4326 out of projected 9206)
  • Membership (spent 178 out of projected 750)
  • Other (including Board Discretionary- spent 157 out of projected 500)

Worship Committee Report

-Under budget and nothing to report

Membership Changes/Protocol

-The membership list is up-to-date as of right now.

-Proposal for the end of canvas next year to be a good time to update the member list  at this time

-Also have a “Friends of Wy’East” list updated

Communication Chain with RE/Set-up/Take-down Paid Position

-There was a miscommunication of the set up/take down when paid tasker was gone one Sunday and caused some scrambling

-What is the protocol for when the lead person won’t be there?

-Board member was assigned to be the contact person for when days off are needed for the paid set up/take down position person for the time being.

Social Hour

-To discuss next time

Other Items/Parking Lot:

-Discussed to invite congregation to the board meeting for the approval or discussion of the RBP and CRR.

-Garage Sale fundraiser for the fall (email will be sent in need for someone to volunteer their space.)

-Do we need a paid position to make sure the opening, closing, clean up, and alarming get done?

-Discussed if we should put an invite to the public via the facebook page for the social hour at the end of the service.

-Donate button on website will be inquired for next time

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  8/7, 7pm


Meeting unanimously adjourned at 8:35

Respectfully submitted by Marcy S.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018