February 5, 2019

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, February 5, 2019



Meeting called to order at 6:55 PM

Present: Daniale, Craig, Paul, Marcy, and Mathias

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Moved and approved January minutes

Minister’s Report:

1) Sermon preparation for 2019. Newsletter columns, etc.

2) Phone calls,  e-mails. Pastoral calls and visits, meetings with congregational leaders.

3) Colleague consultation

4) Martial arts and Spanish language study continue.  

5) Next Path to Membership meeting organized by Linda B planned for March.  Child dedication ceremony being planned for April (Craig and Lana)

6) Worked with UUA International Outreach director Allison Hess in posting Hmong translation of UU Principles/ Sources/Purposes, prepared by Bie’s parents under her guidance.  Will be working with Allison to develop editing/review criteria for further translations.

7) Next Planned Giving meeting scheduled for Feb. 2 or 9

8.) Getting response to newsletters via email lately

Treasurer’s Report

  • Church Management Software
  • We had a deficit of about 1300 for the month, leaving us with a surplus for the year of just over 3000.  This is due to expenses that were almost exactly as budgeted and income that, at 4846, was about 4000 lower than expected. However, there was one very large pledge (about 2000) for which the check bounced- I have conferred with the writer of the check and this should be deposited in the next week. This month includes last month's LRE payroll, roughly an additional $500 in expenses.
  • Ultimately, that nevertheless leaves us behind by about 2000 below our budgeted surplus for the month. Due to higher-than-projected income earlier in the year, we're still in good shape at about 700 higher than the projected surplus of $2500 for this point in the year.
  • Church management software:
    • OnPay says that everything is fine with the tax payment but that we may receive notices until it processes.
    • Payroll issue of timing by getting in the payroll in, but it got fixed quickly
    • Power Church was tried and seems pretty good, but will need to talk to Hank more in depth to decide if it will work for us.
    • More research is still needed on this
    • Will continue with OnPay for now, until more further research
    • Ministry Tracker is also on the list to check out for a free trial

Worship Committee Report

  • Focusing on worship experience vs. planning sermons
    • Such as, putting mission statement at the beginning
    • Music is being more integrated into the worship experience
    • There’s a new script for worship associates that works well

Reflections and discussions on Board work

  • Questions to consider:  What is our purpose as a board?  How much oversight is necessary in a congregation of this size?  How can we best support our congregants and their joyful, compassionate, and curious spiritual journey? What is our balance between personal responsibilities and congregational responsibilities?
  • All feel that we are a mission serving board
  • It was discussed about a micro-managing vs. mission serving board with committees, what is more joyful to our congregation?  Most commented on a mission-serving board.
  • Annual meeting is a natural time to connect to the committees and get a sense of what they are doing
  • We will check in again with this throughout the year.

Protocol for Leaving Members

  • Email Hank and Linda B of anyone we know who is stopping membership after trying to contact them.
  • During canvassing (Matt and Bruce are in the committee), is a natural time to check up on people and send them the letter to see if they still wish to be a member
  • Send a thank you card to people who have decided to leave if we have the address
  • March 17 is the canvas kick-off
  • Maybe we need a timeline of when we need things so we have it written down for future board members
    • This document may be somewhere
    • Next month maybe we need some dates of when we need to have some things ready
    • Daniale will get in contact with Bruce to ask for the documents that were for board archives for timeline
    • Marcy will email old members for physical address for a card (Lynn T, Don T, Harold M)

UU Book Table

  • Our facility probably won’t work for this at this time
  • We can always purchase a book with discretionary fund if someone is interested in a book.

Special Meeting (review language and voting points), thank you to Anders, note-taker?

  • Membership Committee will be a vote
  • Social Justice Committee will be a vote
  • Linda M. will be asked to borrow  a cable to connect the computer to the TV
  • Social Justice -Girl Scouts Beyond Bars will be a vote
  • Strategic Planning Report Presentation of the top 3 areas.
  • Will get Anders a thank you card and Craig will present it
  • Daniale will ask someone to take notes during the meeting

Other Items?

  • Donate button on the website (will add to next month’s agenda)

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  3/5, 7pm

Moved and approved to adjourn


Respectfully submitted


Tuesday, February 5, 2019