February 27, 2011

 Board Meeting Minutes - February27, 2011


  1. Reading  - Liana
  2. Check-in
  3. Minutes approval - Dan
  4. Treasurer’s report - Karl
  5. Minister’s report - Marcia
  6. Action Item Summary
  7. Forum
  8. Banking Issues
  9. Places to Advertise
  10. Volunteer Issues


New Action Items 1

Minutes were approved 2

Treasurer’s Report 2

Minister’s Report 2

Forum Results 2

Religious Documentary 5

Credit Card 6


New Action Items

  • Alex • working with Jerry about the new sign
  • Liana • will start a draft the letter to absent members
  • Tode • make Marcia a name tag with title Minister
  • Tode • get name tag list for Marcia
  • volunteer • Solicitation packet still needs to be created, initiated
  • Board • Board Member Bio for bulletin board
  • Hank • Create volunteer opportunities listing
  • Board • Look into creating a committee for exploring future larger spaces for our growing congregation

Completed Action Items

  • Tode √ work on procedures for Sunday close up of the Senior Center
  • Liana √ Vancouver Newsletter: we will put a link on our Web site, with a link back.
  • Marcia √ Incoming member information goes to Betty, Karl
  • Hank √ will ask Betty about Directory updates
  • Karl √ check to see if we can use the US Bank card for the phone charges
  • Liana √ will start a draft of the letter to absent members
  • Tode √ talk to Amber about DVD availability on Sunday
  • Tode √ get name tag list for Marcia


Meeting began at 1:00 PM, Tode, Hank, Karl, Liana, Dan, and Marcia in attendance.

Minutes were approved

Treasurer’s Report

Karl gave the January report. Income for January was on track.

Minister’s Report

New members ceremony went well. There have been more people interested in becoming members.

Forum Results

We reviewed the results from the Forum after services on Sunday, February 13th and the online survey emailed to the Wyeast and Wyeast-chat googlegroups. The summary below shows an increase in Marcia’s time is the most important priority for this congregation. 









Is increasing Marcia's ministerial time a priority for the congregation?







Is creating more opportunities to connect beyond Sunday mornings a priority for the congregation?







Is investing more money in the Religious Education Program a priority for the congregation?







Is increasing the budget for Professional Guest Speakers a priority for the congregation?







Is increasing the budget for professional music in our services a priority for the congregation?







Is donating more of our non-pledge collections to outside causes a priority for the congregation?








There were a number of comments posted, as shown below.

Listed on the comment card on Sunday, February 13th:

    • Increase ministerial to 1/2 time or more
    • Specific social justice areas of actions; immigration, LGBT, healthcare, economic justice
    • Outward action toward social justice cares
    • I would love to see more musical opportunities
    • RE - need more volunteers
    • Could we use the circle setup for other services
    • Pay down the loan - pay down debt  - have a fundraiser X2
    • Make up for the break we got plus 1 last year
    • Better lighting for services, maybe a dimmer and natural light - to me the lighting feels institutional
    • Start search for  a new space. We are too crowded, which will limit growth, Plus the HSC is way to distracting/unspiritual, with harsh lighting, constant noise of people going into the bathroom (hearing the paper towel dispenser). Loud heater, etc.
    • Multi-cultural worship, e.g. worship with percussion=on selection of songs, Reading, speakers, etc.

From the online survey in the section asking what Wyeast does well:

    • Openmindedness and warm-heartedness of members, commitment to moral values
    • Casualness, closeness of the members. It is a very comfortable group of people. I like Marcia but I haven't really heard/seen enough of her.
    • That it is member-driven
    • 1..U.U. message/belief system 2. people, friendliness , inclusiveness 3. RE program for kids 4. Music
    • That we are a Loving community, guided by our covenant.
    • Variety of services, friendly, supportive community
    • welcoming feeling, variety of people
    • the steadfast hearts of the core people and the trust the newcomers give them.

From the online survey in the section asking what Wyeast could do better:

    • More congregational ownership and initiative-taking by all members of the vision and direction of the congregation.
    • I really would like to see the minister's time increased. A lot...Half time. Full time. More time. I have no other priorities for spending...it is all about more ministerial time. However I don't wish to see the religious education program cut I don't need to prioritize more funding. [...] I think that some of the non-Marcia themes get pretty out there. Just my personal opinion, but since that is what is being asked for in a survey: I'm not a fan of the "moving free" services, the drum circles, taize chanting, etc. [...] Lastly, I wish the overhead fluorescent lighting was used more sparingly. I'd rather it be dark than lit with the harsh glare. Maybe just LESS of the lights on for the services?
    • Dinners- 7 at 7 more ministerial sermons
    • Find more ways for people to participate, so that more folks feel ownership of the whole.
    • More active involvement during services of those present ie. speak / signal and response times, sound making...rubbing of hands, tapping of feet. these require listening more deeply and being present WITH the community rather than slipping in and out safely.

Socializing Social Justice Action

There was discussion about trying to have social connections outside of Sunday that are part of our social justice causes, possibly supplementing the special collections with volunteering. Connections committee can start looking into activities that may fit with our social justice theme.

Canvassing Dinners

Connections committee are going to organize the canvassing dinners. There will be an effort to ask for people to volunteer to host a dinner, and have others sign up for dinners knowing what the food (allergies, dietary needs, etc.) and accommodations (pets, kid-friendly, etc. ) will be available. Wy’east issues can be discussed, ideas gathered and pledge information disseminated. 

Volunteer Options

Hank will compile a list volunteer opportunities.

What is the best way to ask for volunteers: email, person to person, signup sheets?

Need to acknowledge current volunteers. Maybe an acknowledge during a pot luck on Sunday.

Religious Education

We need more volunteers. There will be an opening in RE in June.

Space Issues

June will bring discussions on leasing, and a move is at least a year away. Will we increase our time in HSC for meetings and other gatherings?

There was a discussion of changing the seating formation for services.

Religious Documentary

The producers of a religious documentary want to examine all the varieties of religious activity in Portland. Marcia and Sarah have agreed to be interviewed and be filmed on camera for Wy’east.

They also want to film some services, and to have the leaders of each church explain their specific religious practices. Marcia and Sarah will be available for interviews; we will prepare the congregation for the filming of a service at Wy’east, perhaps sometime in April. There will be accommodations for people attending the filmed service who would not like to appear on camera.

Credit Card

The US bank card had been cancelled. We will get a new credit card with Marcia’s name on it and use this card for the tracphone expenses. The tracphone will be made available to Betty to utilize the buildup of available minutes.

Adjourned at 2:25pm

Sunday, February 27, 2011