December 4, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, December 4, 2018



Meeting called to order at 7 pm

Present: Daniale, Craig, Mathias, Hadrian, Paul, and Marcy

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes-review and approval

Meeting minutes approved

Minister’s Report:

  • UU World article mentions Bie regarding the Thai translations of the UU Principles she did for Wy’East!
  • Went to a meeting with Sarah Schurr
  • A few new members will be starting the path to membership class soon

Treasurer’s Report

  • Yearly goal of possibly starting a credit card swipe system during service and to use during fundraisers
  • To summarize, our income for the month was $10667, compared to a budgeted income of $7050. Our expenses were $6817 compared to a budgeted expense of $6556. This left us with a surplus of $3850 for the month, over 3000 ahead of our budgeted surplus of $495. For the year, we are up by about 3500 where we had planned to be down by about 2500. Either we're seeing our year-end bump early, or it's much larger than expected. We'll know what December has brought soon enough.

Worship Committee Report

  • Finding Worship Associates is limited in the pool of people to choose from...we need to find more people
  • Still planning some of the services for the year

Social Justice Committee Report:

-Sustained Partnership with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars

-Documents for approval

  • Planned through March currently with the special collections
  • It was suggested that a sustained partnership approval with Girl Scouts Beyond Bars needs more information about what it means to be in a partnership with them
  • Possibly partnership terminology may need to be reworded
  • More information about the project and what it will entail is needed.
  • Daniale will forward us more information about this

RE Chair Search

  • Feeler are still out there for finding a RE chair

Website Accessibility

  • A congregant is looking at a new website host that may be better to navigate.
  • We will come back to this issue when more information is available

Strategic Planning Committee Report Update

  • A revision regarding the RE concern from last meeting will be made to the document
  • Marcy will email Sarah Schurr: how to go forward with document, and how to present it to the congregation
  • Marcy will send out the final draft of the report with the changes to the board for approval

Membership Committee

  • They would like to be an official committee versus an ad-hoc committee
  • Survey they sent out last week was awesome!
  • We may need to look at a revision in the bylaws to bring it up to the status of “standing committee”

Confirm Next Meeting Date:  1/8, 7pm

Meeting confirmed, Linda will be emailed about having meeting a week later.

Meeting moved and approved to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted by Marcy S



Tuesday, December 4, 2018