April 3, 2018

Wy’east UUC Board Minutes

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Meeting called to order at 7:00


Present: Barbara, Mathias, Daniale, Paul, Craig, Bruce


Meeting Minutes


  • Check-In


  • Meeting Minutes-review and approval
    • Reviewed and Barbara moved to approve, seconded, all agree


  • Treasurer’s Report & Budget Discussion
    • We are still under budget for the year with no surprises this month
    • Minor adjustments have been made for next year’s budget proposal specifically around:
      • Decreasing some in worship category
      • Adding to the music program
      • Adding to the RE budget in wages and supplies
      • The overall budget proposal for next year is +112.50 from this year’s


  • Worship Committee Report
    • Coming in under budget
    • Booking speakers into the summer
    • Still adjusting/transitioning joys and sorrows
    • Music/choir program is growing in support
    • No service the last Sunday in April to accommodate the UU conference


  • Minister’s Report & Mission/Vision Progress
    • Submitted via email
    • History class cancelled, but the documentary was shown.  There were five attendees, and it continued w/ the BLUU Wy’east group.  
    • Mission/Vision: the first two “resource gathering” meetings happened, which Lana synthesized, and the group will work on this on 4/7/18. This will then move to the congregation to hopefully be adopted at the annual meeting.


  • Strategic Planning Committee
    • The committee is continuing to move forward with the end goal of presenting to the board when done.


  • 2018 Canvass
    • About halfway to the goal with about 29 pledges in so far


  • Social Justice Theme for Next Church Year
    • Called on to Care for Others
      • Advocacy and activism within Wy’east
      • Bruce will give the idea to Linda M to put out on the Wy’east newsletter email


  • Clarification of Wy’east members (number)
    • Mathias has the correct numbers, and will see about getting connected with the database


  • Document consolidation
    • We are in the process of getting Wy’east paperwork consolidated at the RCPCC office


  • May Potluck
    • Cancelling potluck and have heavy snacks instead.  Easier to clean up and then people can eat and discuss the budget.
    • Barbara will touch base with Debra about ordering sandwiches, and an email will go out informing the congregation of this change


  • Confirm Next Two Meeting Dates
    • May 1
    • June 5


Parking Lot:

  • Creating a document for potential volunteers, perhaps a check-list that could get funneled to the membership committee or a volunteer coordinator
  • Possibility of Matt and Mathias being volunteer piano players
  • Directory and Canvassing:   concerns about losing our foundation base.  (Do people stay on as friends of Wy’east after being removed from the membership roster?  Can we include these friends in our canvassing?)
  • Mt. Hood Cluster:  Barbara feels there is value in maintaining this relationship


Meeting adjourned at 8:06!


Respectfully Submitted by Daniale L


Tuesday, April 3, 2018